Can Do Places

How Can Do Places Has Inspired Co Working in Crieff

Episode Summary

Our roving reporter Matthew Clarke chats to Ailsa Campbell, Chair of Crieff Community Trust (CCT) and Can Do Crieff Co working Space.  How is the trust bringing life back to Crieff town centre?

Episode Notes

One of the ways that they are doing this with the creation of a new co working space.

Aisla Campbell told us:

“We discovered that there were a lot of people in the area working from themselves at home, feeling isolated.  We learnt about co working from being part of the Can Do Places project. We did some investigating and we found that there was definitely a market for co working in Crieff.

“It is our belief by creating a space in the area where people can work together, they will strengthen their businesses and we can hopefully help other people start businesses up too.

And bring people back into the town. We will be creating increasing footfall for Crieff.”

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